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You can instantly exchange Paysafecard vouchers to Liberty Reserve, Webmoney, Liqpay, Paypal, Perfect Money, Visa, Mastercard.

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Rate Paysafecard:
1 EUR Paysafecard 1.12 WMZ Webmoney
1 EUR Paysafecard 1.12 USD LiqPay
1 EUR Paysafecard 1.12 USD PayPal
1 USD Paysafecard 0.85 WMZ Webmoney
1 USD Paysafecard 0.85 USD LiqPay
1 USD Paysafecard 0.85 USD PayPal
1 GBP Paysafecard 1.38 WMZ Webmoney
1 GBP Paysafecard 1.38 USD LiqPay
1 GBP Paysafecard 1.38 USD PayPal
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Reserve Money:
Webmoney WMZ 1128.67  WMZ
Webmoney WME 1084.35  WME
LiqPay USD 1573.73  USD
LiqPay EUR 471.49  EUR
PayPal USD 1735.82  USD
PayPal EUR 404.23  EUR
Perfect Money USD 772.58  USD
Perfect Money EUR 640.29  EUR
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